Xdg-list digest, Vol 1 #432 - 11 msgs

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Jul 23 17:48:23 EEST 2003

Around 12 o'clock on Jul 23, David Faure wrote:

> (if it is indeed proven that low-level libraries like Xr, freetype or Xft
> will want to use it).

I think the discussion of GLib has helped clarify how Havoc's proposal 
should work.  I see freedesktop.org as publishing:

 *	Standards (protocols, APIs, conventions)
 *	Sample implementations of (some of) these standards

Havoc proposed that these standards be embodied either in text or code; I'd
like to have text for all of them, but I realize this is not always
practical.  However, we should treat the code itself as a standard and
insist on rough concensus before including it in the release. Contrariwise,
for standards initially published as text, I would hope that interoperable
implementations be demonstrated before accepting those standards for the

I would like to see it possible for people to continue to propose
essentially anything at all (even libraries like GLib) to this list as
possible candidates for a release.  A short debate technical debate
will almost always serve to show where concensus is possible and direct 
our energies away from non-productive areas.

(btw -- I have no plans on using GLib in Cairo, fontconfig or Xft)


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