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Wed Jul 23 21:05:32 EEST 2003

Le mer 23/07/2003 à 19:36, Ettore Perazzoli a écrit :
> Hi,
> after the issue came up for the n-th time on the Evolution mailing list
> today, I wonder what the latest word is on getting the desktop's browser
> setting?  I.e. how do I figure out what browser my application is
> supposed to launch when a link is clicked?
> Many Evolution users actually run the app under KDE or other desktops,
> so they don't want Evolution to use the GNOME browser setting (which is
> what it currently does).  They want it to use the browser that the rest
> of the desktop is using.
> Has this been discussed before?  (I am new to the list, and I tried to
> Google around a little bit but I didn't find much.)

I don't think so.. But there used to be an article from ESR about that..
That is why we (MdkSoft) are using $BROWSER environment to specify the
browser to be used for Mdk tools.. Unfortunately this is distro
specific.. I think Debian uses a script for that and RH another script..

> Would it even make sense to have an XSETTING for this?

I think so but both GNOME and KDE should export this..
Frederic Crozat <fcrozat at>

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