Default browser setting

Robert Wittams robert at
Thu Jul 24 23:47:34 EEST 2003

>> Not sure if it is an existing type already but the url/x-mailto idea that
>> was mentioned sounds interesting. Preferred browser could then be looked
>> up by checking for url/x-http.
>> The drawback would be that it does stretch the idea of mimetypes a
>> little. Does it make the mimetype of a URL such as ""
>> url/x-http or /text/html? That's rather context dependent I would
>> imagine.
> The url would fall under both mime types actually, depending on what the
> default item sent from the server was. Typically it is text/html, but in
> reality could be anything. The url mime type should be used only as a
> fallback method to open a "web browser" for all http urls.
> -- dobey

The string "" would have the mimetype url/x-http, or 
text/x-uri-http as I think might be more correct, and the resource pointed
to by the uri would have the mime type returned by the
server, probably text/html. 

Remember Lewis Carol's White Knight... "What is the name of what the thing
is called?" ;-) 


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