Proposal: Menu Spec Changes

Havoc Pennington hp at
Mon Jul 28 01:10:25 EEST 2003

On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 02:04:46AM +0200, Waldo Bastian wrote: 
> I think the spec should provide some guidelines for prefixes as well
> then.

Yes, seems sane.

> In addition for that I would like to call for 
> $KDEDIR/share/applications/kde/kghostview.desktop
> being treated equal to
> $KDEDIR/share/applications/kde-kghostview.desktop
> as I mentioned in 
> Maybe we can introduce the notion of "desktop-file ID". All .desktop files 
> used here as example would then have the same "desktop-file ID", namely 
> "kde-kghostview.desktop". And the "desktop-file ID" is what is used in 
> <Include> and <Exclude> statements then.

I think this is what we're calling "relative path" in the spec (see
glossary and <Filename> definition), except adding the additional
feature of doing a sort of "s/\//-/g" type of step?

Given an arbitrary filename, say "gnome-help-browser", how do you know
whether "gnome-" or "gnome-help-" is the prefix part?


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