smproxy and gnome-smproxy break the XSMP

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Thu Jul 31 17:33:28 EEST 2003

On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 09:25, Olivier Chapuis wrote:

> I am not an XFree developer neither a GNOME developer. If the
> maintainers of smproxy and gnome-smproxy can be agree on a method to
> solve the described bug (as the solution proposed or any others), then
> the first step will be to modify smproxy and gnome-smproxy (I am ready
> to provide patches). The second step is to document the solution (Of
> course the sources code can be considered as a good documentation). I
> suggest that this should not be discussed now as this is useless if
> both smproxy and gnome-smproxy maintainers do not want to fix the
> described bug.

Haven't really read through your mail (I haven't looked at XSMP
for a long time, so I'd have to do a lot of research to remember
how it all works), but I'd thought I'd mention that we stopped
running gnome-smproxy as part of GNOME in Red Hat a long time
ago, since it was just a source of constant problems.

I don't think there is much virtue to trying to get X11R5 
applications to session-manage properly these days; generally
no session management for an app is better than slightly-broken
session management for an app, and that's the best you are
going to get.


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