smproxy and gnome-smproxy break the XSMP

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Thu Jul 31 21:55:56 EEST 2003

On Thursday 31 of July 2003 17:00, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 03:25:23PM +0200, Olivier Chapuis wrote:
> > 1. Remove smproxy from XFree and gnome-smproxy from GNOME with
> > the hope that all alive applications which use the old sm protocol
> > will switch to the new one. Probably a bad solution ...? By the
> > way it seems that KDE does not have and do not run by default a
> > sm proxy.
> I agree with Owen that this is right, the smproxy stuff is just a bad
> idea.
> I think KDE does have some "try to manage non-SM apps" code also, I
> don't remember the details though. Someone was claiming that KDE
> successfully restarts netscape/mozilla for example.

 Confirmed. Even though Mozilla here restarted as mozilla-bin does not really 
restart, most probably missing some LD_LIBRARY_PATH that's set up in the 
mozilla script.

> My memory is that I tried to find the code that did this and didn't
> succeed.

 Used to be in KWin, now in ksmserver.

> Anyway, so I don't know whether it would have the same issue
> or not.

 I don't think I quite understand the problem, but we use WM_SAVE_YOURSELF 
only on windows which don't have the SM_CLIENT_ID property, and those apps 
running under different session manager (weird, does somebody really do 
that?) should have it anyway. But then, I don't understand how the proposed 
solution is supposed to fix anything, so maybe I just fail to see the 

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