Jeff Waugh jdub at
Thu May 15 06:04:01 EEST 2003

Hi all,

Gus just mentioned to me that the latest Debian unstable version of file is
now split (thanks to upstream changes) into libmagic and file (as a tiny
wrapper executable around the library).

  - Given these changes, should the shared mime info spec be reviewed?

  - What advantages to we get out of using an XML interpretation of file's
    existing format? Especially taking into account the following two

  - Why would we distribute magic information with applications, as
    described in the shared-mime-info spec? This seems amazlingly useless,
    given that I want to know what a file is regardless of having an
    application installed to edit/view it.

  - Shouldn't we centralise/standardise on the file magic database, and make
    sure all information is added to it, so everyone benefits, and it's
    maintained outside applications?

  - What did Christos (maintainer of file) contribute to the
    shared-mime-info spec? (he is listed as a contributor)


- Jeff

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