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El sáb, 08-11-2003 a las 11:58, p.carsten at escribió:
> Hello xdg-list,


> This is a proposal for a config file handling framework.
> Config4gnu or CFG for short is unlike the config "tools" existing
> today.

It's something like the GNOME System Tools' backends

> The system is designed so that just by providing a meta-configuration
> file an application's configuration is fully supported by all CFG
> frontends.  Providing easy configuration in all UIs, scripts or
> programs. In the future these definiton files can be maintained within
> the different software packages so that its central configuration is
> instantly availabe upon installation.

I don't see the beneficies for that kind of "rendering" the settings,
it's just like a normal edit but it does not hide the complex tasks, you
only have key/value entries with some extra information, of course it
lets you add any backend easily but what will you win with that? web
browser GUI?

> So far CFG provides a unified configuration API for all kinds of
> config files on a single machine. Frontends for WWW, GTK, comand line
> (scripts) or programms using the config4gnu API directly all see the
> same "configuration tree". Config4Gnu provides logic/consistency
> checking, activation of changes, "configuration wizards" and more. But
> at all times only the config files under /etc are authoritative and
> are still fully hand editable including the comments.

Just like GNOME System Tools' backend :-P

> The CFG parsers (backends) understand the syntax based on the
> config-file definition and dynamicly generate a xml representation of
> it. If a logic-definition is also available the middlelayer knows wich
> settings are common with other packages, which help texts are
> relevant, how to activate changes, etc. and about wizard and test
> logics.
> CFG is not limiting the personal choice of configuration file style
> for a programer, yet he has all the fancy stuff at hands easily. He
> could even use the Config4Gnu system directliy to parse and generate
> the configuration files for his application.
> According to the two main developers the system is fully functional
> and can edit many config formats.  It supports samba nearly fully. But
> it is not ready for public use yet. For example some dependencies need
> to be cleared.
> Before the project started last year there had been an introductory
> article and discussion about it on freshmeat.
> To find out more about CFG visit 
> and look into our mailachives.
> Unlike the website states there has also been a tarball released.

To find more about GNOME System Tools visit

Also, you can see other applications using the backends:

The idea is develop distro independent backends so you have the same
application to configure user accounts, boot loader, etc..

With this mail I'm not telling that config4gnu is not valid, I'm just
showing that it's not alone and I'm trying to show you another
implementation that it's (IMHO) more user friendly.

> -Peter
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