Syncing up the MIME databases

Christian Rose menthos at
Fri Nov 14 18:13:48 EET 2003

fre 2003-11-07 klockan 23.17 skrev Jonathan Blandford:
> > I'm going to go ahead and set this up then.  I'll probably just dump the
> > current translations and hope that people can get the po files
> > translated.  If the translators want the original xml file to populate
> > the po files, I can provide it.
> I've gone ahead and done this.  You'll need intltool to generate this
> from CVS, but I'm planning on keeping the file
> checked into CVS to make life easier.  I'm going to add those mime-types
> as discussed next.

I've noticed some inconsistancies with these mime descriptions,
primarily with casing (some descriptions use lowercase, others mix
upper- and lowercase) and differences in the use of plural/singular.

Are there any plans to go through these descriptions and standardize
them with regards to things like this?


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