mime-type database extensions / extension ambiguities

Niels Jensen niels_h_jensen at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 26 23:30:28 EET 2003

For my software to run properly I had to include the (as far as I know) 
non-official but widely accepted and used chemical mime-types into the mime 
database. I have two questions regarding this:

1) What do you think about putting this (or such a) mime-type definition 
file online at the freedesktop.org site so that others don't have write 
their own files.

2) Because of this addition I now have extension ambiguities in my 
definition (i.e. two different mime types use the same extension). I have 
noticed that the rest of the database is free of such ambiguities. Is this 
part of the specification?

To handle such ambiguities with my software I had to change the perl module 
File::MimeInfo to return all possible extensions for a mime-type. Jaap 
Karssenberg (the developer of  this module) wrote me that he might implement 
this functionality into the official module if it's not against the 
freedesktop.org rules :-)


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