Cross compiling with pkg-config

Sven Neumann sven at
Sun Oct 5 23:48:12 EEST 2003


Matthew Allum <breakfast at> writes:

> In the OpenZaurus cross compile 'buildroot', the .pc files have to be
> patched when installed into the buildroot tree. I think this is the
> kind of Hack Keith refers too.
> Although not life threatening, its just another unnecessary annoyance
> in doing cross compiles. Anything that eases this gets my vote.

I think I understood the problem, but I had a look at our
cross-compiling environment at work and it doesn't look as if they
would patch any .pc files. That's why I claim that that there exists a
solution to this problem that doesn't involve any pkg-config changes
nor patches to the .pc files. I can hopefully tell you more tomorrow
after I talked to the people that administrate the build system.


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