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I am working on cairo ( and Carl Worth there thought 
this may be the right place to send a bug with pkg-config and/or autoconf 

I have had some problems compiling their source with the --prefix option to 
./configure. It is rather easy to work around the problem but I also suspect 
the problem is a bug that is easy to fix.

After running ./configure --prefix=<prefix>, Cairo installs it's libraries in 
<prefix>/lib and makes a subdirectory called <prefix>/lib/pkgconfig where it 
puts ".pc" files.

Cairo is divided into several libraries, each depending on the previous one. 
./configure of the next library attempts to check for the proper installation 
of the previous one with PKG_CHECK_MODULES. However this fails as it does not 
look in the directory <prefix>/lib/pkgconfig. Fortunately the error message 
gives me the hint that PKG_CONFIG_PATH must be set, and setting this to that 
directory fixes this.

But it does seem to me that there is a bug somewhere here. It seems autotools 
is not passing a switch that it should to PKG_CHECK_MODULES when --prefix has 
been given.

Then again I could be completely wrong, and that I must change the, but I cannot figure out what exactly to do to fix it.

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