Sven Neumann sven at
Sat Oct 11 02:22:53 EEST 2003


Bill Spitzak <spitzak at> writes:

> Cairo is divided into several libraries, each depending on the
> previous one.  ./configure of the next library attempts to check for
> the proper installation of the previous one with
> PKG_CHECK_MODULES. However this fails as it does not look in the
> directory <prefix>/lib/pkgconfig. Fortunately the error message
> gives me the hint that PKG_CONFIG_PATH must be set, and setting this
> to that directory fixes this.
> But it does seem to me that there is a bug somewhere here. It seems
> autotools is not passing a switch that it should to
> PKG_CHECK_MODULES when --prefix has been given.

Why should it look into the prefix you passed to configure? The prefix
you specify there is where you want your software to be installed. It
is unrelated to the prefix libraries and header files should be taken
from. Of course you can choose to have them searched in the same
prefix and that's what PKG_CONFIG_PATH allows you to do.


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