MIME updates

Heinrich Wendel h_wendel at cojobo.net
Mon Oct 13 00:11:20 EEST 2003

On Sunday 12 October 2003 23:05, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 11:26, Thomas Leonard wrote:
> > If someone could put me (talex) in the 'mime' group on the new CVS
> > server, I'll commit the changes.
> Done.
> Incidentally - one thing we should be able to do with the new server is
> start autosyncing the draft specs to the web site, since xmlto, etc. are
> available on the server. Anyone with a shell account should be able to
> get this going, should they get bored. ;-)

Although this is a good idea, what do we do with the versioning scheme?

> Havoc
mfg, Heinrich :)

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