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Robert Woerle robert at
Tue Oct 28 09:48:06 EET 2003

i got it running now and i am able to start twm or kde ...

unfortunately i am now stuck with the hw acceleration for the SMI ...
as soon as i start it with -dumb all works fine a i can move the mouse 
also .
when i start it normal ( with accel ) the server lock`s up as soon as i 
use the mouse !
when i only use the keyboard it is fine ...
seems the drawing thing is not stable for me ...
how can i debug the hw accel drawing ?
should i start the old way using printf or can you imagine the point 
where it is stuck ?

also i saw (- when using -dumb ) that when i rotate the screen rotates 
but from 1024x768 to 768x1024 ( left or so )
the screen height is not increased to 1024 but stays 768 ... then the 
KDE panel is in the 2/3 of the screen ...
this happens also when rotating to the right ...

Cheers Rob

Ps: sorry me when i now stat bothering you all day , but i think we are 
pretty close and it would be a great deal to get this finished
and shout " Hey folks , our Tablet PC supports Rotation on-the-fly also 
in Linux "

Keith Packard schrieb:

>Around 12 o'clock on Oct 27, Robert Woerle wrote:
>>how do i know again start the Xsmi ?
>It's just an X server; use whatever tools you like to start it up.  The 
>Xfbdev manual will show you the available options (which are pretty 
>limited).  An easy way is to write a shell script that launches Xsmi with 
>the right options and make a symlink from /usr/X11R6/bin/X to it (I call 
>mine Xtiny).  Then most tools (like kdm, gdm or xstart) will 'just work'.
>I'll enclose my script to start Xmach64, you can see how it works and 
>modify to suit.  Note that you should 'exec' the server from the script so 
>that it runs as the same process ID.  Otherwise the various X server 
>manager programs will get a bit confused.
>#case $0 in
>#	dir=`dirname $0`/
>#	;;
>#server="Xvesa -shadow"
>screen="-screen 1024x768x16"
>rgb="-rgba rgb"
>mouse="-2button -mouse /dev/psaux -mouse /dev/input/mice,5"
>opts="-dpi 96 -nolisten tcp"
>switchcmd="-switchCmd /usr/X11R6/bin/touchpad"
>exec ${dir}${server} $opts $rgb $screen $mouse $switchcmd

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