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Keith Packard keithp at
Mon Oct 27 22:34:38 EET 2003

Around 12 o'clock on Oct 27, Robert Woerle wrote:

> how do i know again start the Xsmi ?

It's just an X server; use whatever tools you like to start it up.  The 
Xfbdev manual will show you the available options (which are pretty 
limited).  An easy way is to write a shell script that launches Xsmi with 
the right options and make a symlink from /usr/X11R6/bin/X to it (I call 
mine Xtiny).  Then most tools (like kdm, gdm or xstart) will 'just work'.

I'll enclose my script to start Xmach64, you can see how it works and 
modify to suit.  Note that you should 'exec' the server from the script so 
that it runs as the same process ID.  Otherwise the various X server 
manager programs will get a bit confused.


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#case $0 in
#	dir=`dirname $0`/
#	;;

#server="Xvesa -shadow"

screen="-screen 1024x768x16"

rgb="-rgba rgb"

mouse="-2button -mouse /dev/psaux -mouse /dev/input/mice,5"

opts="-dpi 96 -nolisten tcp"

switchcmd="-switchCmd /usr/X11R6/bin/touchpad"

exec ${dir}${server} $opts $rgb $screen $mouse $switchcmd

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