dont we need a 768x1024 mode ?

Robert Woerle robert at
Thu Oct 30 11:39:29 EET 2003

Keith Packard schrieb:

>Hmm.  That shouldn't happen. What does xdpyinfo say at that point?  Maybe 
>I broke something recently, but it used to work fine.
>You need set only the "normal" mode; RandR will (or at least should) 
>automatically adjust the screen size when it rotates.  I know I haven't 
>tested starting the server in rotated mode for a while, so that might be 
>broken.  But:
>	$ Xsmi -screen 1024x768x16 &
>	$ xrandr -o left
>should work.
I believe it is a KDE problem ... since twm work ... if i use the 
"Refresh " button after rotating
also the KDE Control Center is broken in KDE 3.1.4 since it does not 
turn into the correct directions

left is left
right  is upside down
upside down - nothing at all

>Thanks for playing with this stuff.
hey it is a nice peace of code and i definitly want to use it for our 

>Oh -- are you using 'xfixes_2_branch' or HEAD?  I don't recall the state 
>of HEAD, but I was pretty sure it was functional when I branched last 
>week.  There have been a few changes since branching, it might be worth 
>trying the branch to see if things change.
i ll look for that branch ...

can you maybe have a look at the tslib code and see if do something 
wrong or the is broken ..
i cannot compile the source of tslib ...

if i ve a decent rotation running i ll concetrate totatlly on your tslib 
and extend it to what i need ...

Cheers Rob

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