dont we need a 768x1024 mode ?

Keith Packard keithp at
Wed Oct 29 17:44:25 EET 2003

Around 10 o'clock on Oct 29, Robert Woerle wrote:

> when i compile Xsmi using Vesa and not Xfbdev
> then i can start without -dumb and i get a kinda speedy window movement....

Neat.  One machine requires fbdev another cannot use it.  Go figure.

> but still when i turn the screen i get the dimensions messed up and 
> height does not become 1024 and widht not 768 ...
> they stay at the old stuff ... and fe the KDE-Tasbar is in the 2/3 of 
> the screen...

Hmm.  That shouldn't happen. What does xdpyinfo say at that point?  Maybe 
I broke something recently, but it used to work fine.

You need set only the "normal" mode; RandR will (or at least should) 
automatically adjust the screen size when it rotates.  I know I haven't 
tested starting the server in rotated mode for a while, so that might be 
broken.  But:

	$ Xsmi -screen 1024x768x16 &
	$ xrandr -o left

should work.

Thanks for playing with this stuff.

Oh -- are you using 'xfixes_2_branch' or HEAD?  I don't recall the state 
of HEAD, but I was pretty sure it was functional when I branched last 
week.  There have been a few changes since branching, it might be worth 
trying the branch to see if things change.


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