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Heinrich Wendel h_wendel at
Wed Sep 3 02:15:47 EEST 2003

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 02:29:45PM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> We have the new server machine and lots of people have accounts on
> there already. If you haven't sent me your ssh key please do so, as
> we'll be cutting CVS over at some point.
> To migrate, we need a plan. There's been a fair bit of #freedesktop
> discussion but I want to be sure everyone is "in the loop" at least on
> a high level.
> Here are the current services:
>  - the CVS repository
>  - the web site
>  - the cron job that checks the web site out of CVS and builds
>    the final static pages
>  - the web site includes a lot of software release tarballs
>  - the cron job that updates the D-BUS documentation 
>    (this job runs on my workstation currently)
>  - the mailing lists (hosted on, so separate 
>    from the current cvs/web machine)
>  - DNS and mail aliases (hp at, xdg-list at,
>    etc.)
>  - backup
> People are discussing adding Wiki functionality for content managing
> the web site either during or after migration. 
> shows what this would be like 
> (though that demo site has the major problem that it breaks 
> all links, not acceptable I don't think)

Does this look better:

(a bit mod_rewrite magic ;))

> I would like to see an overall plan for how we'll do the migration.  I
> might propose that we do one service at a time, though some of this
> could be in parallel:
>  1. write down a process for making sysadmin changes
>     so it isn't mass chaos - admin changes should be logged, 
>     posted to a list, or something along those lines. 
>  2. get backups running and verified

I think keithp has something for this.

>  3. move the CVS repository, setting up pointing 
>     to it.
>     update cron jobs on current server to pull the web site from the 
>     new repository location.
>  4. move the current web site, unmodified. Move cron jobs
>     to the new server.
>  5. set up mailman on new server and import subscriber lists 
>     from
>  6. add Wiki functionality, taking care to preserve existing URLs 
>     and content
>  7. move to a saner way to do software releases (don't check them 
>     in to CVS) - possibly take scripts from, as gnome 
>     has already addressed the issue of lots of little tarballs

tell me more about this...

>  8. create a bugzilla instance (I'd like to see some of the
>     bugzilla changes, too, the kde bugzilla is much simpler to use)
> Havoc
mfg, Heinrich :)

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