server move, more updates

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Sep 18 02:05:50 EEST 2003


We're migrating somewhat piecemeal here. The proposed new web site is at, please comment (or better yet, log in to the
wiki and fix) and we'll probably cut over at some
point once stuff is working. The default links are changed but the old
links should be working with URL rewrites.

Please don't link to the pdx URLs, we want to use www or nothing once
it's cut over.

D-BUS CVS has moved; please don't use the old pserver any longer. 
The new CVSROOT is and new anoncvs is
explained at
(I don't have a way to disable writes to /home/freedesktop/dbus on the
old machine, so just don't check anything in or it'll get lost)

CVS for most other modules hasn't moved; we have to decide whether they
should have their own "project" on the infrastructure or
not. Basically a project is the unit of access control, so users can be
in the group giving them write access to a project.

There are various new projects that weren't on the old server already
created, see

People who are actively hacking on the server, please edit
as needed to document stuff.


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