A virtual filesystem standard

Ken Deeter ktdeeter at alumni.princeton.edu
Thu Sep 18 11:55:25 EEST 2003

> Would it be possible to do something like pass in some kind of reference
> to an 'authentication adapter' to the vfs backend. Each backend would
> define some kind of interface (i'm not too knowledgable about D-BUS but
> if its like any other object model then I'm guessing it can define
> interfaces) that it requires its authentication handler to implement, so
> we can handle special cases like ssl or whatever might come up in the
> future. Also, the same authentication adapter running in some daemon
> could be passed into multiple instances of a backend, and things like
> sharing ssl certificates can be supported w/o too extra infrastructure.
> If the authentication adapters can be out of process (out of the vfs
> back end process) then it really enables flexibity in terms of various
> authentication semantics like 'sessions'.

Ok, i just found the D-bus spec on the new freedesktop site. So i guess what i
said above is partially wrong. I suppose each backend would need to define a
protocol instead of an interface (the same thing in some sense). I think the
idea still works tho. I guess in d-bus terms and desktop would implement
objects that provide various d-bus services for authentication, which the
backends would talk to.

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