pkg-config search path

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Thu Sep 25 00:19:10 EEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 16:50, Keith Packard wrote:
> Around 15 o'clock on Sep 24, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > But there are some cases where you have packages that are architecture
> > independent that you want to have .pc files for. An example being
> > the 'gtk-doc' perl scripts.
> So how about if pkg-config uses the following default search path:
> 	/usr/lib/pkgconfig
> 	/usr/lib/X11/pkgconfig
> 	/usr/share/pkgconfig

Not /usr/X11R6/lib/pkgconfig? Where does XFree86 put it's .pc files

Including the X11/X11R6 path by default sounds reasonable for /usr
installs, I don't think it should be done for installs into an
arbitrary prefix.

> Then, we can ammend that path from /etc/pkgconfig.conf and further ammend 
> the path with PKG_CONFIG_PATH

/etc/pkgconfig.conf (pkg-config.conf?) should replace, instead of
augmenting, IMO.

For PKG_CONFIG_PATH there is the question of whether we want to
make people specify


explicitly or whether we want to allow some abbreviation of that.
(Is the complexity and confusion worth the gain?)

> What about /usr/lib64?  What about /usr/local/lib?

For /usr/lib64 that should be covered by making the defaults
include $libdir and $datadir instead of a hardcoded $prefix/lib,

There is something of an issue here for multi-architecture platforms
(like x86_64, ppc64) that /etc/pkgconfig.conf should be architecture
dependent. One possibility is to look first for


then for 


Another possibility would be to try and handle it with substitutions,
e.g. to be able to put $libdir into your pkgconfig.conf.

/usr/local/lib should be left up to the person configuring the
system in my opinion. 

I used to install lots of stuff into /usr/local, over time I've come to
consider it to be:

 The place where the old version of GLib that's breaking this 
 bug reporters GTK+ build lives


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