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El vie, 26-09-2003 a las 11:01, David Zeuthen escribió:


> Hi Carlos,


> This is part of what I'm trying to achieve with the HAL project[1] - see
> e.g. the use-case for hot plugging USB storage in the HAL draft spec. 
> What your spec covers, and I have yet not covered, is media detection on
> e.g. optical drivers. I think, in the HAL project, this can be
> implemented as a tiny daemon (or plug-in to hald) for kernels that
> doesn't support notifications of this sort. (this is somewhat similar to
> the thread about link detection on network devices)

There is not any problem to cooperate with the HAL project. I want it
working, the project name os not an issue here :-)

How could we start working together?

I want this functionality as soon as possible available inside GNOME :-)

> Also, I understand that it is difficult, if not impossible [2], to find
> out the device for e.g. usb-storage devices (e.g. /dev/sda1 is the SCSI
> block device representing my USB CF Reader on my IDE system) on Linux
> kernel 2.4 series. In Linux kernel series 2.6 it will be handled by
> udev.
> If you have any insight to this (your draft spec mention USB devices)
> I'll be happy to know about it.

Sorry I did not start to look at it, but I know about a script [1] that
tries to automatically mount usb-storage devices.

> Regards,
> David



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