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Fri Sep 26 20:16:55 EEST 2003

El vie, 26-09-2003 a las 17:49, Randall Wood escribió:
> Is it just me, or is this spec attempting to define for other unixes 
> the standard behavior on Mac OS X/Darwin?

It's based on that behavior, yes.

> >> =20
> >> Some random comments:
> >> =20
> >> /Volumes is totally non-standard and untypical of unix. Lots of people
> >> will not like it. (Not saying I dislike it, personally I don't care,
> >> because i don't expect to expose the mountpoint in the UI.)
> >> =20
> >
> > I know, that's why I said that all things could be changed, I like it
> > but I suppose that we will ending with /mnt or /vol but that directory
> > is for applications that will not work directly with the daemon, it's a
> > way to let users find their volumes easily.
> /Volumes is used by Darwin/Mac OS X and is specially handled by that 
> OS's GUI.
> >> Mounting things as the volume name seems quite bad to me. That means 
> >> its
> >> hard to figure out what device is actually used for the volume, and 
> >> if a
> >> user inserts an unknown disc it could be hard to figure out where it
> >> appears. (Again, i don't expect to show the mountpoint names as-is in
> >> the UI.)
> Perhaps the spec also should define both an API for applications that 
> need that data and a simple tool for scripts of CLI use to query the 
> daemon for device data.

That's already in my mind, yes.

> Incidentally, on Darwin/Mac OS X if the device to be mounted is not 
> defined in /etc/fstab (or the netinfo database, if the netinfo daemon 
> is running) anything that looks like a filesystem is placed in /Volumes 
> including network volumes (nfs, ftp, smb, afp, ...).

That's what I was talking about with this draft (the fstab behavior),
but the network volumes will not be handled by this system that's why I
did not talked anything about they.


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