Common main loop: Qt ported to glib main loop (experimental)

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Sat Dec 4 16:13:13 EET 2004


On Sat, 2004-12-04 at 04:51, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
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> The odd thing ofcourse is that KDE has absolutly no reason to do this. KIO is 
> much more widely supported and has more protocols than GNOME-VFS. It would 
> make much more sense for GNOME to support KIO, which if your claim of 
> GNOME-VFS being a superset is correct, also should be easy.
> Currently the strategy for getting a consistent desktop from the KDE side 
> though is to mount KIO-slaves in the kernel. Which is also a feature 
> GNOME-VFS doesnt have.

As far as i remember the GNOME-VFS people had some good reasons to dump
this idea. But nevertheless it would be very interesting to look at the
mounting code. Maybe it can be reused for the Common-VFS.

 *** The Common VFS Game ***

I would suggest a kind of competition. We form two teams:

(TEAM A) tries to drill holes into the back of GNOME-VFS to let
KIO-Slaves in. 

(TEAM B) tries to hammer GNOME-VFS into the KDE-Core libs.

The results don't have to be excellent. More prototype like. The most
important bit is exploring and understanding the "opposite" library.

The team which looses will have to accept the intrusion of a hostile
VFS-library into their beloved desktop.

Let's start! ;-)


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