Common VFS: GKIO experiment

Rahul Sundaram rahulsundaram at
Wed Dec 8 02:57:16 EET 2004


> Other benefits of said library, if designed right,
> might be things like
> being able to LD_PRELOAD the library into apps using
> the normal
> UNIX/ANSI file I/O commands to operate on VFS
> shares.  Imagine being
> able to just type in "less ftp://server/somefile" in
> your shell, or
> "sort myfile > dav://fileserver/user/myfile" or
> whatever.  This wouldn't
> work for certain classes of apps without kernel
> support, I imagine
> (chdir using apps, for example), but for many it

fuse has been proposed for inclusion in the linux
kernel and you might able to implement your ideas on
top of it. I know a kio layer already exists for fuse
by the polypaudio developer

Rahul Sundaram

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