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Fred Drake fdrake at
Sat Dec 11 17:11:11 EET 2004

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 14:12:40 +0000, Dave Cridland <dave at> wrote:
> Now, Word Docs sometimes have hyperlinks in them. If I click on one
> of those, then opens it for me, using not only
> entirely the wrong browser (not it's fault, that's a shared config
> system issue) but on the wrong machine - I *have* a browser open, and
> *that* browser is the one I like thing to open in. (I'm a tabbed
> browsing addict - I never close tags).
> So a simple callable executable, while a good start, doesn't solve
> *all* my problems - some form of network-awareness would be useful
> too - ideally, I suppose, one of:

This would indeed be nice, and is something I've wanted for a while as
well.  I often run KMail over X tunnelled through SSH.  Being able to
open attachments and URLs using my preference of local or remote apps
would be really nice.

> - D-Bus message exchanging to request an action on a URI. (The URI
> could be optional, making "applications" an action rather than a URI,
> to appease purists, like me.)

I could be happy with this.

Unfortunately, I've neither the expertise not the time to do anything
about it, so I'll try not to be demanding.


Fred L. Drake, Jr.    <fdrake at>

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