KIO->GnomeVFS bridge started (looking for a Common-VFS)

nf nf2 at
Sun Dec 19 14:44:12 EET 2004


As i promised. I started writing a KIO->GnomeVFS bridge...

A Common-VFS - The basic idea:

The three parts of the kio->gvfs "bridge":

- "coloop" - a generic main loop adapter library. (currently uses
glib main loop but could also use others - from concept a "gsource").

- "kio_coloop_patch" patches "coloop" into kdelibs (3.2.3 slavebase.cpp
and slavebase.h)

- "gvfs-kio": a kio slave, which bridges to Gnome-VFS and currently
supports the protocols gfile:, gftp: and ghttp: (but just for reading
and directory listing at the moment).


gfile:, gftp: and ghttp: map to Gnome-VFS file:, ftp: and http:
protocols. With the file-dialog in the application "kde_testapp" i was
able to connect to ftp-servers, list remote directories and download

problems / things to do:

* symlinks which point to directories don't get displayed in the
KDE-Filechooser properly (KIO developers - please help me)

* implement "write" related stuff in GkioSlave (put, mkdir,...)

* implement authentication callbacks (how is this supposed to work with
Gnome-VFS? - please give me some hints!)

* of course gvfs-kio should handle ftp:, http: and smb: (not gftp:,
ghttp:, gsmb:...). How could that be achieved? What happens in KIO when
you install two .protocol files which offer the same protocol. Could
there be a kind of "priority" order key, which tells KIO which one to
choose if there are two.

* Perhaps the name should be "kio-gvfs" 

* Maybe write a "simple" stand-alone main loop that "coloop" doesn't
require glib all the time. 

* lots of other things...

Attention: all kio-slaves have to be recompiled, because the ABI of the
SlaveBase Object had to be changed for "coloop".

And thanks for your hints in previous discussions. (For instance: To
write an io-slave instead of trying to replace the whole KIO front-end).


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