KIO->GnomeVFS bridge started (looking for a Common-VFS)

Jason Keirstead jason at
Mon Dec 20 14:37:09 EET 2004

On Sunday 19 December 2004 8:44 am, nf wrote:
> * of course gvfs-kio should handle ftp:, http: and smb: (not gftp:,
> ghttp:, gsmb:...). How could that be achieved? What happens in KIO when
> you install two .protocol files which offer the same protocol. Could
> there be a kind of "priority" order key, which tells KIO which one to
> choose if there are two.

I would think that it should try to find a KIO slave first, and fall back on 
GVFS if absent. In a similar vein, if such a bridge were also written to use 
KIO slaves in Gnome, I would expect they would prefer the GVFS slaves and 
fall back on ours.

Why would anyone would want a KDE application to prefer a GVFS slave over a 
KIO one? No matter how good the bridge it would still not be as efficient as 
a native KIO one.

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