Common VFS: GKIO experiment

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Thu Dec 9 18:56:36 EET 2004

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> I think the event-loop gap has to be closed anyway to be able to write
> common libraries more easily in the future. And i have already proved
> that this is solvable by running the whole KDE on top of glib main loop.

After having spent substantially time porting gtk-gnutella to Windows I can
tell you that basing anything on glib sounds like a pretty bad idea. In
particularly anything KDE, <flame>which is based on something that actually

Anyway, in my opinion you should gather some more knowledge about KDE and
then rethink your strategy. If you already have KIOSlaves for almost
everything that simply work, I don't see any compelling reason for KDE to
adopt gnome-vfs if the latter provides fewer functionality and stability. If
you adopt KIOSlaves for GNOME -- maybe improving it on your way --, don't
you think you'd have more success that way?

Just my 2¢...

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