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Andrew Sobala aes at gnome.org
Sun Feb 8 21:53:17 EET 2004

On Sun, 2004-02-08 at 19:35, Lee Willis wrote:
> There was some discussion recently on the Muine[1] development list
> about standard locations for files for a user, much like windows has "My
> Documents/My Music", and "My Document/My Pictures". The closest I can
> find to anything representing this would be the Basedir spec -
> http://freedesktop.org/Standards/basedir-spec/0.6/.
> This doesn't however go as far as I think would be useful in the case we
> were originally considering, specifically the creation of standard
> directories for:
> - Music storage
> - Playlist storage
> These could then be used as the default import location for music
> players, the default save path by music rippers, and per mime-type
> default save locations when downloading content in browsers etc.
> The thread which originally sparked this off was on the muine list at
> http://mail.gnome.org/archives/muine-list/2004-February/msg00046.html.
> I'd be interested in any feedback that anyone of this list has,
> particularly about whether this is a good idea, and how the
> implementation might work.

This has been hashed out on GNOME mailing lists before. The big problem
is that directory names aren't localisable, so promoting that as a
"standard" is a problem for users of different locales.

Since we don't have a localisable file system (crack alert!), I think
this sort of thing should be globally desktop configurable in some way
rather than having a static default. How to do this, I'm not sure.

Andrew Sobala <aes at gnome.org>
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