Keywords? Do they smell like what I used to call 'tags' ? :)

Enrico Zini zinie at
Thu Feb 12 01:43:41 EET 2004


I stubled into this discussion by chance, and I have little time (i.e.
graduation nearing) to go more in-depth.

However, it smells like multiple-keyword cathegorization.

If that is the case, with the Debtags people we're doing some research.
In a couple of month, I plan to do much more.

It seems like the field can be hardly handled by a static structure, as
things change over time.

There is wide literature on this topic, mainly about faceted
classification (see  After
graduation I plan to delve on it.  So far it seems that tags or
keywords, when they are referred as 'facets', they show some interesting

The "Further directions" part of that Wiki page could also act as a
short summary of what I think is the state of the art we came out with
so far.  Test implementations are planned after graduation.

As this is a free software classification issue rather than a
debian-specific issue, I suggest we stay in touch on these topics.



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