shared-mime-info (was Re: Naughty Maintainers and Modules That NEED Releases)

Ole Laursen olau at
Wed Feb 18 20:39:57 EET 2004

Changwoo Ryu <cwryu at> writes:

> 2004-02-18 수 17:55, Bastien Nocera이(가) 씀:
>> [...] and the shared-mime-info stuff replaces most of
>> gnome-mime-data.
> But shared-mime-info does not still have enough translations.

The strings are not terribly difficult to translate though. I didn't
start yet because there has been a lot of talk about cleaning up the

Please, if the relevant patches have been applied now, could we have
an upload of the .pot file to the TP? Or get those patches pushed

Ole Laursen

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