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Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at
Sun Feb 22 16:30:13 EET 2004

Darryl Rees wrote:

> Zhang Weiwu wrote:
>> Peter "Firefly" Lund wrote:
>>> "ChillyShapes", "Chilli", "ChillySigns"?
>>> Or how about "Chinx"/"ChinX"/"ChInX"? (depends on your sense of humour,
>>> of course) ;)
>> Chinx sounds good, chinix makes people think it's an OS. Others I 
>> don't really get them.
> Weiwu,
> Sorry if you know this already -
> Chinx would be pronounced 'Chinks', which used to be a (I think not 
> very polite) term used in some English speaking countries to refer to 
> Chinese people in the plural. I think this is what Peter means by 
> sense of humour. If you want to 'reclaim' that term - which was 
> originally not very polite - then I guess that's fine; but I think you 
> should know this before deciding on the name.

Oh I thought peter meant something shorter than Chinix. I was wrong.

> I didn't get the 'chili' references either - perhaps references to 
> spicy Sichuan cousine?
> There is already a chinput, maybe you could be something like hanziX, 
> sinokey, or cjkinput? (also I think chinix is fine...)

AfterChinput is because the project are somewhat derived from Chinput 
(in contract I heard SCIM started from scratch). Much of the code is 
original Chinput code (this gonna change as the software grow). And the 
Chinput project, after lots of efforts to keep in touch with them, as 
far as I know, is discoutinued. Some people are maintaining specific 
Chinput ports, but the main development is closed for more than a year, 
so by what we know we are the main force continuing Chinput. It is like 
after NextStep some people decide to do something further and give a 
name "AfterStep". But weather "AfterChinput", "ChInX", "Chinix", it's up 
to most of the developers, I'll wait for their decision. Would it be 
good if we use "ChInX" and claim the name should always be "C" "I" "N" 
in captical form whenever quoted, to avoid the impolite meaning? I am 
never used to English speaking environment, so please comment on this again!

Another benifit: "ChInX" makes the project always listed first in 
alphbetic order, thanks to the first captical letter.

Sino is not very polite in Japanese, many people in China prefer to 
avoid the name, while european people don't feel sino a "impolite" word 
(I guess so).

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