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Darryl Rees rees at
Sun Feb 22 15:48:08 EET 2004

Zhang Weiwu wrote:

> Peter "Firefly" Lund wrote:
>> "ChillyShapes", "Chilli", "ChillySigns"?
>> Or how about "Chinx"/"ChinX"/"ChInX"? (depends on your sense of humour,
>> of course) ;)
> Chinx sounds good, chinix makes people think it's an OS. Others I 
> don't really get them.

Sorry if you know this already -
Chinx would be pronounced 'Chinks', which used to be a (I think not very 
polite) term used in some English speaking countries to refer to Chinese 
people in the plural. I think this is what Peter means by sense of 
humour. If you want to 'reclaim' that term - which was originally not 
very polite - then I guess that's fine; but I think you should know this 
before deciding on the name.

I didn't get the 'chili' references either - perhaps references to spicy 
Sichuan cousine?

There is already a chinput, maybe you could be something like hanziX, 
sinokey, or cjkinput? (also I think chinix is fine...)


>>>> were (UTF-8 or GB18030). I hope this is not a problem.
>> I hope you choose UTF-8!
> Glad to use UTF-8. I hope twiki can do it. Otherwise if wiki doesn't 
> send charset in http header, the user's browser will use the default, 
> and mose Chinese user defaults to gb18030 and gb2312 (and forcing us 
> to use gb). This is a problem.
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