launcher panels, taskbar, window managers that use menu, icon theme, desktop entry specs?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Tue Jul 20 19:58:32 EEST 2004

Are there any lists of software that already take advantage of the Menu Specification, Icon Theme Specification, and/or
Desktop Entry Specification?

Does anyone know of any lightweight panel, taskbar, or window managers
that can use the specifications?

For example, I looked at fbpanel, fspanel and taskbar which all appear to
use their own formats. (Although, fbpanel and taskbar do use EWMH.)

I hope to help implement a way for pkgsrc (used by NetBSD and other
platforms) to automatically add menu entries when installing packages.

I want to easily try different window managers and X components without
too much time (or no time) reconfiguring. For example, I want to switch
different window managers and launchers quickly (without regenerating her
menus) so my wife can choose one that is best for her.

If a list of software doesn't exist, I'll be glad to make one or some
which can be added to the wiki(s). Just let me know what software to add.

 Jeremy C. Reed

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