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George Kraft gk4 at
Fri Jul 30 19:19:04 EEST 2004

> > How often does specification team conference call,  how

> > often does the group meet?
> I don't think it's ever met.

I would like to propose that a 30 minute fortnightly conference call be
setup to drive the following as outlined:

1) team mission
    for example,

2) team procedures / policies
    for example,

3) general specification process
    for example,

4) specification selection criteria
    for example,

5) candidate identification
   for example,

6) candidate specification tracking
    for example,

In parallel, desktop developers continue to work as usual [but with more
documentation and validation in mind ;-)].  In addition, some write
specifications, and others write conformance test suites.

The end result is a well defined core to be deployed by the
Linux distributions which is validated by the LSB. wins,
the LSB wins, the distros win, application developers win, and most
importantly the end-users win.  :-)

Best regards,

George (gk4)
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