followup regarding desktop specifications

Ely Levy elylevy-xserver at
Sat Jul 31 22:39:53 EEST 2004

if it goes by
then it's preety much what I ment.
I do think we should seperate between specs and fd.o platform release
like having specs version 1.0 would be fd.o compatible even if you wrote
your own hal or dbus, and beside that have release of fd.o platform
which would be compatible with fd.o specs.
So we'll have something like fd.o platform version 0.8 which is fd.o
compatible version 1.0 or something like that.

Ely Levy
System group
Hebrew University
Jerusalem Israel

On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Owen Taylor wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 12:03, Ely Levy wrote:
> > Maybe it's a good time to chose one,
> > I know people here don't think highly of democracy
> > but chosing a few people from among the developers to decide
> > seems like the right thing to do..
> Please read my proposal and give feedback.
> My hope is that the specifications release "team" (which can just be a
> couple  of volunteers for each release) should fill only the following
> roles:
> - Look for volunteers to propose and own specification versions
> - Track that the proposed specifications are meeting the
>   release milestones.

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