[Xorg] Xinerama & OpenGL: The Cairopocalypse?

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Jun 7 07:06:46 EEST 2004

Around 20 o'clock on Jun 6, matt f wrote:

> This would seem to present some difficulties for X's current propsoed 
> manifest destiny of Cairo + Glitz, upon which there seem to be a host of 
> SVG and other standards.

Cairo is not only going to support Glitz; it will continue to support the 
X protocol through which non-GL environments can function.  That some X 
implementations may in turn be based on Glitz and GL is a detail not 
relevant to X-only applications, and one which doesn't preclude
multi-screen capable implementations.

Although, with Composite and some tweaks to the Render protocol, we may 
finally be able to rid ourselves of Xinerama and still permit applications 
to move from physical screen to physical screen without requiring them to 
re-create themselves.

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