Xinerama & OpenGL: The Cairopocalypse?

John Meacham john at
Mon Jun 7 13:19:04 EEST 2004

On Sun, Jun 06, 2004 at 08:31:18PM -0400, matt f wrote:
> I'm not sure where better to post this.
> Xinerama, last of my knowledge, only supported one display of OpenGL. 
> I'm well aware that nVidia & ATI video cards with multiple outputs 
> support OpenGL acceleration for both, but i'm talking about the case of 
> two or more seperate video cards.
> This would seem to present some difficulties for X's current propsoed 
> manifest destiny of Cairo + Glitz, upon which there seem to be a host of 
> SVG and other standards.
> Is there a silver bullet to this solution, or is there really a problem 
> up ahead?

Personally, although I find Xinerama pretty neat, but I think the standard X
screens are much nicer to work with except for their one fatal flaw.

The only real problem with multiple X screens is that there is no way to
move a window between screens, if this were fixed, then that would take
care of most peoples wishes when it comes to multiple monitors. It
should actually be pretty easy now that we have the XRANDR extension, as
it defines the message that should be sent to migrated windows giving
them their new root window info and Xlib has already been modified to
respond to these messages appropriately.  I wrote a message to the X
mailing list a while ago about it...  


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