Xinerama & OpenGL: The Cairopocalypse?

Sven Neumann sven at
Mon Jun 7 13:53:24 EEST 2004


John Meacham <john at> writes:

> Personally, although I find Xinerama pretty neat, but I think the
> standard X screens are much nicer to work with except for their one
> fatal flaw.

I wholeheartedly agree.

> The only real problem with multiple X screens is that there is no
> way to move a window between screens, if this were fixed, then that
> would take care of most peoples wishes when it comes to multiple
> monitors.

GTK+ offers an API to move windows between screens and we use this in
GIMP to allow you to move image and dock windows between screens. It
would be a lot more convenient though if the window manager would
allow this to be done for all windows instead of relying on the
application to implement this functionality.

> It should actually be pretty easy now that we have the XRANDR
> extension, as it defines the message that should be sent to migrated
> windows giving them their new root window info and Xlib has already
> been modified to respond to these messages appropriately.  I wrote a
> message to the X mailing list a while ago about it...

Are you sure this is needed at all? GTK+ does at least signal me when
the screen for a widget changed. So this seems to be possible already
without any changes to X.


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