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Daniel Taylor DanTaylor at web.de
Wed Jun 9 17:41:54 EEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 09:36 -0400, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> On Mër , 2004-06-09 at 15:00 +0200, Daniel Taylor wrote:
> > On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 21:34 -0400, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> > > On Hën , 2004-06-07 at 20:36 +0300, Tommi Komulainen wrote:
> > > >         How are mimetype icons be named?
> > > 
> > > MIME type icons are named gnome-mime-foo-bar in Gnome. I am not sure
> > > what they are named like in KDE. See my other mail(s) where I provided
> > > a list of about 300 icon names that we can standardize on for all
> > > desktops. I would like more actual discussion on those, but it looks
> > > as if that isn't going to happen. If some discusson doesn't start soon,
> > > I'm just going to start implementing a standard, and that will be that.
> > 
> > First, I see no point in having gnome-mime-*, kde-mime-*, foo-mime-*,
> > etc... It should just be mime/x-application, mime/text, etc... IMO (like
> > in your spec).
> Right, though I think we want to do "text-unknown" for the fallback text
> icon if the theme doesn't provide a "text-specific-format" icon, for
> example. I'll add some more stuff to the proposed list soon. I was just
> saying how Gnome currently works here, not how it should ideally
> work (which is of course, how it will hopefully work soon). :)

Ah, I somewhat misunderstood. "text-unknown" sounds reasonable to me.
I'm looking forward to an updated list, and perhaps I can add some to it
as well.
> > Second, you never replied to my other mail about unifying theming across
> > common desktops and applications.
> I have now. I have been extremely busy this past week, and have many
> e-mails still marked as important that I haven't replied to.

Didn't mean to sound demanding! I just thought I'd mention it in case
you missed the mail. Thanks for the replies ;)
> >  I see no point to keeping everything
> > seperate. GNOME/GTK and KDE should be able to use the same theme. xffm
> > (from XFCE) should be able to read the mime section of that same theme,
> > xfce-panel should be able to read the categories section (using your
> > icon naming spec). The actions section should include icons for
> > browsers, multimedia, coding, etc... Once a spec is established and a
> > library for accessing it from any application is coded it would be
> > trivial to add new icons to the standard when they are needed.
> > It seems to me that your spec doesn't help in unifying theming. Am I
> > wrong?
> Standardized icon names is the primary problem with sharing icon themes
> between desktops and applications. The library for accessing it, should
> be the icon theme implementation in the toolkit. There are no technical
> barriers to using standardized names with the current implementations,
> as far as I know. Of course, I only know the code for the GTK+ icon
> theme implementation. GTK+ still doesn't use the icon theme to override
> the stock icons it provides though, as far as I can tell. If it does,
> then please correct me, and let's get started on agreeing on the names,
> and implmenting the solutions for keeping API compatibility, until such
> times as when we can drop that compatibility.

Sounds good to me, though I wonder if re-implementing the standard for
each toolkit is a better idea than having a simple access library
written for example here on fd.o that desktops/toolkits could use. It
appears that it would help with the problem of only knowing the GTK+
Also, I'm sad to say I have much less experience than you when it comes
to the implementations of GNOME/KDE/etc...
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