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Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Jun 12 16:41:13 EEST 2004


I've been trying to figure out exactly which versions of what specs are
implemented by whatever desktops in whos distros, and it's been giving me
a headache. 

This is not helped by the fact that the vFolder spec, which
Gnome upstream currently implements, is no longer on the website at all! 

Fortunately, the wayback machine has a copy:

... which I will put on the Wiki as a note of historical interest: for
people trying to figure out how current desktops work it's nice to have
the original specs.

Could somebody fill in the blanks in my knowledge? Then I'll start a
conformance page on the Wiki to document which desktops implement which
specs, if there isn't one already (can't see it linked from the specs page
if so). Thanks.

Current state of play (probably incomplete):

* GNOME 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 all implement the latest version of vFolders
    - except on Fedora Core 2 which is patched to use a not-100% compliant
      implementation of the new "XDG" menu spec.

* KDE 3.0 uses the old windows-style of menus
    - except in Red Hat 8/9 where it is patched to use vFolders

* KDE 3.1 uses the same menu system as 3.0
    - except in Red Hat FC1 where it is patched to use vFolders
    - except in SuSE 9.0+ where they backported XDG menu support from KDE 3.2

* KDE 3.2 uses XDG menus upstream

* Mandrake uses the Debian Menu system and presumably hacks support for whatever
  kde/gnome upstream are using into that?

Can anybody double check this and fill in the blanks? If so then I'll write it 
all up and make sure the wiki has enough information to make sense of the current 

thanks -mike

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