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Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Sat Mar 6 01:47:30 EET 2004

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On Sat March 6 2004 01:26, Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:
> Waldo Bastian schreef:
> >>I could of course add those categories to my *.desktop files, but this
> >>doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
> >>Should I always put a menu file by default in the
> >>desktop/menus/applications-merged directory for the case that a category
> >>might not be included in a distro to solve this?
> >
> >No, in this case I suggest to add "X-KDE-Edu-Language" as category in
> > addition to "Languages".
> This would indeed fix the problem in my own environment, but wouldn't it
> cause problems for people using SUSE 9.0 with Gnome for example?

No, without KDE it will still have X-KDE-Edu-Language as category, it will 
just not have any applications to put there. (Apart from your application)

> Also what happens when a distro doesn't support both 'Languages' and
> 'X-KDE-Edu-Language'?

It's doesn't need to support both, but it needs to support at least one.

> Do I need to make extra support RPMs for each 
> distro if I want it to support certain categories or can I assume that
> all users that would want to use the applications I package are running
> a distro that supports the category properly? (For example, I can expect
> a home/school desktop distro to support the Languages category, but not
> a business oriented one.)

The goal for distributions should be to support all registered categories. 
Whether the menu is organized differently between different products is of 
course their call but it doesn't make much sense to leave a category out for 
that reason because the business oriented distro can just choose to not 
install the "Language applications" by default in which case the menu will 
not show up either.

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