Unobtrusive notification

John McKerrell john at
Sat Mar 13 01:56:39 EET 2004

Marco Canini wrote:

>Miguel is pointing out the lack in GNOME of a good notification
>You can read the blog entry here:
>Basically I agree with him about the pain of notification windows that
>pop up and get focus when it's not the case, however I think that this
>notification system should be shared by other desktop environments.
>IMHO should take care of handling the specification and creation
>of it.
>I think that tooltips ala windows are a good start point.
>What do you think?
   I've been lurking on the mailing list for the past 
few months. I've got an idea relating partly to program notifications. 
I've put together a proposal, it's unfinished but hopefully it puts 
across the ideas that I had in mind, I'm only finally posting as I don't 
want this discussion to go ahead without me getting my two penn'th worth 
in :-)
URL is:
Would love to know what people think about this subject.

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