Unobtrusive notification

Richard Moore rich at
Sun Mar 14 02:22:05 EET 2004

On Friday 12 March 2004 23:00, Marco Canini wrote:
> Basically I agree with him about the pain of notification windows that
> pop up and get focus when it's not the case, however I think that this
> notification system should be shared by other desktop environments.
> IMHO should take care of handling the specification and creation
> of it.

We already have a good desktop wide notification system in KDE. The 
presentations it can associate with the events include sounds and 
notification dialogs. One of the presentation methods is a class called 
KPassivePopup which pops up adjacent to an applications taskbar icon (or by 
the systray icon) but does not take focus. The class can also be used 
standalone by applications to provide non-focus interactive popups. The code 
works under any WM that uses icon geometry hints properly.

I don't really see need for any specifcation at this level of design. A 
cross-desktop mechanism for emitting notifications to a notification server 
like knotify perhaps, but not the presentations fot those notifications.



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