hal problems crashing box. at least i think its hal

Justin justin at nolamodchips.com
Sun Mar 14 17:42:48 EET 2004

ive been working mostly with the rpms made available at
http://freedesktop.org/~david/dist/ not sure what caused this problem to
start happening but when i plug in my camera my floppy drive lights up
and it maxes out my processor. while i expect this when it happens every
30 seconds or so and then my mouse refuses to work and if i touch the
keyboard x freezes and then i have no option but to hit my reset button.
then sometimes i will put the camera in and nothing. never shows up. the
mouse it a MS optical intelli mouse camera ixla dual cam. once when i
plugged my scanner a visoneer one touch my mouse just stopped working.
just tell me what kinds of things to look for in my logs so i can sort
through the mess.  when im having problems with my camera causing
horrible spikes in my cpu use and eventual crashes i notice an increase
in instances of devlabel and usb.agent.  not sure what other information
is usefull just let me know.

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