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Bo Zhang bzhang at
Sun Mar 14 17:42:50 EET 2004

I like the "Chilly" series! It's HOT!
"AfterChinput" sounds a little bit too serious.


On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 10:30:13PM +0800, Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> Darryl Rees wrote:
> >Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> >
> >>Peter "Firefly" Lund wrote:
> >>
> >>>"ChillyShapes", "Chilli", "ChillySigns"?
> >>>
> >>>Or how about "Chinx"/"ChinX"/"ChInX"? (depends on your sense of humour,
> >>>of course) ;)
> >>>
> >>Chinx sounds good, chinix makes people think it's an OS. Others I 
> >>don't really get them.
> >>
> >Weiwu,
> >
> >Sorry if you know this already -
> >Chinx would be pronounced 'Chinks', which used to be a (I think not 
> >very polite) term used in some English speaking countries to refer to 
> >Chinese people in the plural. I think this is what Peter means by 
> >sense of humour. If you want to 'reclaim' that term - which was 
> >originally not very polite - then I guess that's fine; but I think you 
> >should know this before deciding on the name.
> Oh I thought peter meant something shorter than Chinix. I was wrong.
> >I didn't get the 'chili' references either - perhaps references to 
> >spicy Sichuan cousine?
> >
> >There is already a chinput, maybe you could be something like hanziX, 
> >sinokey, or cjkinput? (also I think chinix is fine...)
> AfterChinput is because the project are somewhat derived from Chinput 
> (in contract I heard SCIM started from scratch). Much of the code is 
> original Chinput code (this gonna change as the software grow). And the 
> Chinput project, after lots of efforts to keep in touch with them, as 
> far as I know, is discoutinued. Some people are maintaining specific 
> Chinput ports, but the main development is closed for more than a year, 
> so by what we know we are the main force continuing Chinput. It is like 
> after NextStep some people decide to do something further and give a 
> name "AfterStep". But weather "AfterChinput", "ChInX", "Chinix", it's up 
> to most of the developers, I'll wait for their decision. Would it be 
> good if we use "ChInX" and claim the name should always be "C" "I" "N" 
> in captical form whenever quoted, to avoid the impolite meaning? I am 
> never used to English speaking environment, so please comment on this again!
> Another benifit: "ChInX" makes the project always listed first in 
> alphbetic order, thanks to the first captical letter.
> Sino is not very polite in Japanese, many people in China prefer to 
> avoid the name, while european people don't feel sino a "impolite" word 
> (I guess so).

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