Jean-Christophe HOELT jeko at free.fr
Thu Mar 18 19:00:06 EET 2004


I think it's the good mailing list to send this kind of message :

I hacked a bit the xcompmgr stuff of xserver, so I think some may be 
interrested by the changes.

mainly :
- shadow computation was slow, so I precomputed a shadow corner at 
launching time and then I use it for creating every new shadow image. 
(which is now really faster)
- added some command line options (such as default shadow size and opacity)

but also some stuff I did for personnal use, so I don't think the 
following are very clean :
- especially a config file which define the drawing method and opacity 
wished for a window, depending on its name.
- of course a way to specify the drawing method (alpha blending or 
pixels addition for now)
- a way to disable the shadow for some windows.

anyway, it was quick hacking so maybe this last 3 points are not really 
in the "spirit" of freedesktop, I mean:
it do not use xml, it does not store data as "windows properties", etc. 
If you're interested to see it anyway, here is the URL:

Best regards, keep up good work with freedesktop and xserver.

    Jean-Christophe Hoelt

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