xfree86_xkb_xml message inconsistencies

Christian Rose menthos at menthos.com
Fri Mar 19 00:10:05 EET 2004

While trying to translate the xfree86_xkb_xml module, I couldn't help
but notice the large amount of inconsistencies in its messages. I don't
know if it's xfree86_xkb_xml's fault or if the inconsistencies come from
XFree86, but in any case it looks like the messages were produced by
something like 500 different people, each one being blindfolded to not
be able to look at the other existing messages beforehand.

Seriously, the pletora of problems range from inconsistencies in casing
(use of uppercase/lowercase), presence or lack of ending period after
sentences, use or non-use of the word "key" (like the difference
"Compose key"/"Compose"), use or non-use of acronyms (like
"R-Alt"/"Right Alt"), inconsistencies in the writing of key/LED names
("Caps Lock"/"Caps"/"Lock"/"CapsLock"/"Caps_Lock" are all present, and
similar things with NumLock and ScrollLock, and neither can Control be
spent consistently; it constantly shifts between "Control" and "Ctrl"),
to entirely ununderstandable layout names ("Logitech Internet Navigator
Keyboard" I can understand, but what is a "Logitech iTouch keyboard
Internet Navigator"? Seriously?).

If there's a Bugzilla component for xfree86_xkb_xml somewhere (is there?
I couldn't find it) I could probably fill it up with message
inconsistency reports, but before I'd spend the time doing such a thing
I'd like to hear if anyone has seriously considered sanitizing these
messages and having a string review on them beforehand. In their present
state the inconsistencies in the messages and the other problems are
creating lots of trouble for the translation process, a process that
xfree86_xkb_xml was aimed to help. Right?


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